The Explorer Van Project
We are currently working on the re-conversion of a Prevost bus. The unit was purchased by Explorer Van company and they have employed us to completely gut the unit and re-build the interior. The "Wunder-bar" was previously designed for a company that would travel state to state selling and demoing restaurant and bar equipment. Now the bus is going to be re-converted to the specifications of Explorer Van company.
Below are some photos of our progress, what it looked like when we got, and what it currently looks like now.
Unit hasn't been painted yet.
Old 17.5 Kw Generator was removed
Replaced with a new one, same size but in a quiet box
3rd Bay Passenger side, commanly used for Entertainment & TVs
Cleaned up and getting ready for TV equipment
Non-functioning Hurricane heating system and Water pump
Replaced with a Aqua-Hot system
Battery Bay and back of Generator
Ready for new batteries and Inverter installations
Plumbing bay
Old stuff removed and ready for new installations
Old interior
Stripped out, lined, and rough wired
I will update these photos as we progess and time goes on.

Enjoy these random pictures.